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Buying and Selling Real Estate is changing in Edmonton

Touring neighborhoods and hitting open houses is great way to explore different parts of town.  Alternatively, when the weather is bad, traffic is hectic, parking is tricky and the homes are a long way away, Virtual Reality can make Virtual Realty come to life, not to mentions save you time, money and gas.

How are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being used in Real Estate today?

  • What's the difference between Augmented reality and Virtual reality?
  • How are these digital technologies used in Real estate today?
  • Why is this important?

What's the difference between Augmented reality and Virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) technology is being used when you view 3-D Real Estate Tours, Virtual Home Tours, 360 Property Tours, Floor Plans, and a host of other digital presentation technologies that provide the user with a virtual experience, or an experience that allows the user to "virtually" experience the property from the comfort of their own home or mobile device.

Augmented reality  (AR) Technology takes reality a step further by creating and inserting digital objects in to real world environments.  These technologies are employed when sellers employ digital staging to put furniture, flooring, artwork, window coverings or even remove pets from pictures.  Augmented reality is being used to improve the appearance of homes for sellers to attract more buyers.  Home buyers are also using AR to plan renovations, test out different paint colors and flooring types.  With augmented reality, Buyers and sellers don’t have to wonder what things would look like if, because they can take a picture with their smart phone and add their own paint, flooring and furniture to any room through a variety of new Apps.

How are these digital technologies used in Real estate today?

VR and AR are becoming more and more common place in Real estate marketing and it is likely we will see more content created in the Virtual Realty space.  Right now technologies like Matterport 3D cameras and Virtual Floor Plans are used throughout the marketing process to provide Sellers with more exposure and Buyers with Virtual representations of the home in virtual reality so vivid that you can almost smell the cookies.
An example of VR and AR being used together  to create an amazing presentation can be seen in the SKY RESIDENCES promotional material.


Why is this important?

Real Estate marketing is changing. The more you know about the Technology and the tools that are being used in the industry today, the more effective you can be in buying and selling homes.  Virtual Reality saves time and travel, people on one side of the world can confidently by a home on the other side of the world from the comfort of their desktop or couch. Augmented Reality lets buyers see what the home could look before making the ever-important purchasing decision.  People no longer have to wonder what the house would look like if it had different windows, new kitchen, remodeled bathroom, or even different paints.  Virtual Realty is here to stay.

As REDM Certified Realtor we can offer all Virtual and Augmented reality services to our clients.

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